Top 10 Nursing Jobs Sites for male and female

Top 10 sites for finding nursing jobs

When it comes to looking for nursing jobs we know how difficult it is, the fact that there are so many nursing jobs advertised on so many different nursing job websites. We just searched on net on many search engines. What we have done for you is gather the top 10 websites to find nursing jobs and review every single one of them.

1. Nursing Jobs. US
Nursing Jobs. US is by far the best nursing jobs website online right now as it lets you register, search and apply for jobs free of charge, its very easy to navigate around the website and it also breaks down the nursing jobs by city and also town. This gives you the best way to find the closest nursing job to you. It is also free to submit your nursing resume to Nursing Jobs. US this is a great way to actually be contacted by nursing agency’s directly without you doing all the job searching and hard work, all it takes is 1 simple resume upload and the employers come to you. The site also gives you helpful information regarding the city or town where your looking to find a nursing job.

2. Best Nurse Jobs
Although Best Nurse Jobs may call itself the best nurse jobs website its actually not it only comes in at number 2nd on our list of Top 10 sites for finding nursing jobs. It still is free to use and offers resume uploading but there isn’t enough helpful advice and the site isn’t at as user friendly as it could be, it is still a very good nursing job website and should certainly be worth checking out.

3.  Adevia nursing recruitment
Adevia are one of the worlds leading nursing recruitment company’s online, they can even find you nursing jobs in the UK and Ireland in Europe if you wanted. There a great resource for looking for work a little further a field. They give you all the nursing job positions available by location and can be easily navigated.

4. Ogradypeyton
O’grady Peyton is a fine example of a very professional website showing a wide variety of nursing jobs worldwide. If your looking for a nursing job any where in the world then this is the website for you, from Africa, Asia, Europe and the US. This website has you covered.

5. Nurse Job Shop
Nurse Job shop is a great website to find different nursing jobs, you can search in the local area but sadly you can not search internationally.

6. Nurses123
This website ‘Nurses123’ is a good website for looking for local nursing jobs, simple to use but there isn’t as many jobs as on other nursing job websites.

7. Nursing Jobs
This website is very clean and user friendly, it has a nice fresh look to it but again it doesn’t have as many jobs listed as on other nursing job websites.

8.  Nurses4America
Nurses4America’s website design isn’t the best, its very simple but it does get the job done so if your looking for a nursing job in America certainly check them out.

9.  American Traveler

I thought that the word traveller had 2 L’s in it? This website is for nursing jobs where you have to travel to different areas of America, if that’s what your looking for this is the website you should be looking at.

10. Experienced Nurses
This website just makes it into the list, it isn’t the best at all, it is cluttered with advertising and isn’t very user friendly.

If you are looking for job in nursing, sometimes it is wise to contact HR Department of your favorite hospital or company. Go to the hospital’s site and then look for career opportunities within the facility.

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