Air Force and Navy Nursing Scholarships

Air Force and Navy Scholarships

The Air Force and the Navy have openings for health care professionals in all specialties. Air Force and Navy health care professionals work together as a team, focusing on patient care. they work with the latest technology in state-of-the-art facilities and enjoy a quality of life that’s second to none. Bookmark this site for easy reference !


Provides financial assistance to college\High School students who are interested in becoming an Air Force nurse. Open to U.S. citizens who have passed the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test and Air Force ROTC Physical Fitness Test and have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

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Amount of Award: $15,000/year plus$510/year for books
Application Deadline: June of each year.
Duration of Award: 2 or 3 years
Contact Information:
U.S. Air force, Attn: Headquarters AFROTD/RRUC
551 East Maxwell Boulevard
Maxwell AFB, Al 36112-917
Phone: (334)953-2091 & (866)423-7682
Fax: (334)953-6167

To make the most out of Navy nursing and Navy nursing scholarships

Most of the cadets think about what they actually deserve from the government for whom they are sacrificing their time and happiness of life. Where they are up to while protecting the vast country for which they are taking all the pains of life. All of them come to a common platform when they think about what could be fetched by a graduate degree end of the day. However, the truth is something very different. In fact it would not be wrong if it is said that by joining Navy, they all have got a life time opportunity which has no end when it comes to a rewarding carrier. Actually, by serving the nation they are getting the access to earn huge amount of money through their service tenure and in fact, they all could enjoy the benefits after retirement as well. Due to the same reason, it has been told for the Navy that even a ex- member could enjoy various benefits as an active employee in Navy.

That is how, the scope of various navy scholarships are available which an active cadet could make the most of it by taking the full advantage. Now, none of the cadets will complain about the rising price of school fees, books or about the price hikes of daily commodities.

So, first of all the interested cadets cold look for better options and for that, they all can start by checking  veterans office in order to see what and how much they could do for us. Actually, lot of times it has been seen that cadets have got financial assistance for their tuition, fees, books, and other stuffs for their school. In fact, this kind of scholarship is regularly comprised of the coverage of all the living expenses. It means that, it is a great help for the cadets who have many dependents in their family. At the same time, these scholarships are ideal for those people who are earning while learning. However, by taking these scholarships a cadet is free from educational burden for the time being.

Other than these facilities, a cadet could easily use the navy scholarships which are given to lend a hand when he needs to compromise with his daily expenses and need to pay for the tuition fees, books, fees, and much other stuff which he usually needs. So, a cadet could expect around $10,000 as a scholarship amount to maintain these costs. The best about these scholarships is that each cadet is eligible for this kind of scholarship and the amount would be given each year. So, the entire group defense personnel could even get such kind of a lump sum amount of money as the scholarship.

To apply for these kinds of scholarships, no one need to pay any extra amount as the procedure is free. Now, cadets are free from those scholarships which have to be applied with some payable application forms.

Provide scholarship for nursing education to students interested in serving in the Navy.
Amount of Award: Full tuition & allowance
Number of Awards: Varies
Duration of Award: 2 or 4 years
Application Deadline: January of each year.
Contact Information:
250 Dallas Street Suite A
Pensacola, FL 32508-5268
Phone: (850) 452-4941 x 29388
Fax: (850) 452-2486

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