Top 5 nursing scholarships for military spouses

Military Spouse Scholarships For Nursing Schools

Top 5 nursing scholarships for military spouses, how to apply and how much?
Military spouses are eligible to receive free education money from either the United States government or independent educational organizations. If your husband or wife is military service personnel who is still active or at least has one year remaining on active duty (or otherwise specified by the granting organization), you can apply to be a grantee. The following are top 5 nursing scholarship for military spouses that you can apply for.

1. ThanksUSA Military Dependents Scholarships

ThanksUSA has been providing scholarships not only to the spouses of the United States military service personnel, but also to their children. Application is accepted through ThanksUSA’s website each year before May 15th, so the opportunity is always open to everyone who is interested in it. The amount granted is worth $10 million for more than 3000 grantees. Having at least 2.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale is the primary requirement for the grant.

2. National Military Family Association Scholarships

NMFA grants scholarship to spouses and dependents of military personnel who are still in their active duty or survivors, have retired, and work in the National Guard and Reserve. The amount granted ranges from $500 to $1,000. Qualification is determined through a series of tests in the form of survey questions, short-answer questions, and essay questions.

3. Army Nurse Corps Association Scholarship

The amount of this scholarship grant is $3000, which is granted annually to eligible applicants who are spouses or children of military personnel in Active Army, National Guard, and Army Reserve and are enrolled in a bachelor’s or graduate nursing degree program. The deadline for the 2014 scholarship has passed. Interested applicants can visit the ANCA website in the next summer to get information about the 2015 scholarship and its application procedure.

4. Jack E. Barger, Sr. Memorial Nursing Scholarship

No application is necessary for candidates who are interested to receive this scholarship, which is provided by the Nursing Foundation of Pennsylvania, because this grant is only provided to those nominated by the dean or the department head of the school the candidates study at. The application for this scholarship will end on April 2015. The amount of the grant is $1000. Aside from being military spouses or dependents, candidates must be Pennsylvania residents and enrolled in any undergraduate nursing degree schools in that state.

5. Pat Tillman Foundation Military Scholarship

Pat Tillman Foundation has invested more than $4 million in scholarship for 290 eligible candidates, which include military personnel and their spouses (including surviving ones). The scholarship is granted to full-time students who are pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate degree in any fields, including nursing. To apply for this scholarship, documentation describing military service or status as military spouse, résumé, and response paper completion are required. Visit the foundation’s website to learn more about the application procedure.

Those are five scholarship programs that are available for military spouses pursuing a nursing degree. All of them are provided annually. Therefore, even if their application deadline for this year has already passed, there is still opportunity for you to apply for it next year.

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Scholarships For Ultrasound Technician

Top 10 Scholarships and Grants for Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound technicians are in demand, but not everyone can afford to attend the necessary schooling.

The United States Federal Government rewards aspiring students who are determined to obtain an ultrasound tech degree. For those so dedicated but financially limited, there are several scholarships and grants for students that not only assist in payment for schooling, but may also help with living expenses while in school.

Any entity offering a scholarship or grant wants to be assured the student is a serious seeker of the ultrasound tech degree. While conducting research on scholarships is obvious due diligence, also keep your SAT score handy, as well as a written essay expressing your career decision. Many schools will demand credentials (and some references) up front.

It is advisable to complete an Application for Federal Student Aid when applying to universities. This will aid the chance of receiving not only a scholarship, but also federal student loans at low-interest rates.

Below are the top ten scholarship recommendations for aspiring ultrasound technicians. Each scholarship application can be found on the schools’ respective websites. You must follow all the rules and regulations of the respective scholarship sponsor.

Department of MI Nursing and Allied Health Program Scholarships: Students must prove financial need and have graduated high school within two years. Scholarship amounts vary. Interviews are required.

Sanford Brown Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography: Sanfor Brow offers the “Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP)” Scholarships to students of the New York-area KIPP school. Individual amounts vary, but Sanford-Brown is committed to awarding $100,000 in scholarship monies to KIPP students yearly. Email is

Anne Jones: The Anne Jones Scholarship Fund of the Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU) provides a yearly educational scholarship of up to $2,500 for a student in an accredited vascular ultrasound school. Financial need must be verified.

Sladek Critical Medical Career: Sladek requires a demonstrated interest in the field of sonography as well as verifiable need for financial aid. Amounts vary.

American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography: SDMS requires a College Acceptance Letter and Employment Affirmation. Scholarship amounts vary.

SVU – Society of Vascular Ultrasound: SVU awards six scholarships yearly of varying amounts.

Loma Linda University: This Christian integrated university awards scholarships based on proof of financial need, no previous defaulted student loans, and the Christian student maintaining half-time attendance. Amount is based on computer calculations. Call university for more details at (909)558-1000.

Trudy Dubinsky Memorial: The New York University Medical Center established this scholarship in 1993, in a tribute to the life of Trudy’s Dubinsky. Because of Trudy’s flawless work in the field of sonography, each year the university bestows a $1,000 scholarship based on demonstration of dedication to succeed.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Presidential: Applicant must be a member of SMDS and demonstrate why they deserve the scholarship by submitting an essay. Scholarship amount $2,500.

Barry University: Applicant may receive scholarship for Ultrasound Tech based on college transcripts. You can ask them any questions regarding scholarships, tuition assistance and job placement.

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Phlebotomy Scholarships

Top 10 Scholarships For Phlebotomy Students

Phlebotomy isn’t a career you step into lightly, as you are dealing with other people’s blood all day long. Knowing and understanding your risks and still desiring a career in phlebotomy, the next step is finding a way to get the education you need. Sometimes that involves a certain amount of financial expense, and if you can find them, scholarships will get you there for free.

  1. The American Society for Clinical Pathology is a major provider for scholarships in phlebotomy. While it is recommended that you already have a two to four year degree in some type of nursing or medical field, additional classes and training are need and phlebotomy training scholarships and medically related scholarships are provided by this organization.
  2. Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, MI offers phlebotomy scholarships to those students who are enrolled in their phleb program. This is fairly typical of most scholarships for this certification; the colleges that offer it will often have an accompanying scholarship.
  3. Thomas Wheatley Scholarship Fund offers phlebotomy technician scholarships but only to those who are originally from Berks County, PA. There are other restrictions as well.
  4. Medical Skills For Life Institute, LLC awards five $1,000 scholarships annually for students seeking certification as phlebotomists. There are no area restrictions for this but the standard applications procedures and deadlines apply.
  5. Center for Phlebotomy Education, another phleb school, offers its own scholarships to incoming phleb tech students.
  6. Just about any accredited school that offers certification and classes in phlebotomy will offer scholarships targeting this program. Some even require at least an LPN‘s level of nursing prior to training and specializing in phlebotomy. Private colleges like DeVry and public institutions like the University of Cincinnati all offer degrees with pathways to phlebotomy, and because their degrees also involve nursing skills, students qualify for the scholarships that are targeted in the nursing and health fields as well.
  7. American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) offer phlebotomy training scholarships but you first and foremost have to become a member of their organization for consideration. Not a bad option, given that memberships in professional organizations increases the likelihood that you will have a job when you’re done with your training anyway.
  8. American Medical Technologists offers a few hundred bucks to the winning applicants of their phlebotomy technician scholarships. They are supporters and sponsors of many different kinds of medical technicians in varying fields.
  9. The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals provide non-need based scholarships to students who are excelling in every aspect of life and who have completed at least one term of their medical and or health technical training. Standard application process applies.
  10. Applying for general financial aid through FAFSA will help you get in touch with scholarships that are automatically awarded you as part of your financial aid package. While they might not be phlebotomy related directly, the extra cash flow is worth the time you spend filling out the form around tax season anyway. If it’s late in the year, you can kiss most of the scholarships and grants good bye, as these are awarded to the earliest applicants and not the Johnny- come- latelys.

Because there are different rules governing the training and education of phlebotomy technicians and assistants from state to state, it’s best to consult with a local blood and plasma donation bank to get an understanding of what really needs to be learned and what training will be required.

You can also volunteer to do intake in these programs and learn more about phlebotomy. Some programs even offer their regular intake volunteers a scholarship in lieu of payment to go back to school themselves for phleb tech! Financial aid offices can answer other questions in regards to specialized scholarships made with restrictions for just such a certification. In most states, phlebotomy technicians are just nurses or aids with certification in drawing blood, so even taking a sidestep career direction is all that is required.

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Scholarships for black women

Top 5 nursing scholarships for black female students

Nursing scholarships for black women are available from a number of agencies, programs, institutions and foundations. All of these scholarships have the major target to assist black women in their pursuit for higher nursing education. With the aid of these graduate scholarships for black women are able to get degrees in programs where they are generally under-represented like nursing.

The following are the top 5 nursing scholarships for black women:

  • 1. The National Black Nurses Associations or the NBNA: The NBNA awards scholarships, grants and fellowships to black women who have an interest to pursue nursing as a career or profession. This association has a number of scholarships available for black women in the field. Those black women who are presently enrolled in a 4 year nursing program can also apply for the yearly scholarships that are offered by the Association.
  • 2. The National Black Nurses Association Lawrence Samos Scholarship: This scholarship is intended for undergraduate black women who are seeking for a career in the nursing profession. The amount of the scholarship differs and the number of scholarships that are awarded also varies. The deadline for this scholarship is April 15th. It is mandatory that the applicant should be Black. The applicant can major in nursing and occupational therapy with this scholarship.
  • 3. The National Black Nurses Association Ambi-Kiwi Scholarship: Like the above this scholarship is also intended for undergraduate black women. The amount and the number of scholarships that are awarded vary and the deadline for the scholarship is April 15th. The applicant has the option to major in nursing and requires being Black in order to receive the scholarship.
  • 4. The Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Scholarships: This Group has many scholarship funds that have been established by the spouses of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus. The objective of the scholarships is to award them to talented students who aspire to pursue undergraduate, graduate, full-time and doctorate degrees. Most of the scholarships that are available are aimed at medicine and its associated areas, performing arts, engineering and visual arts. This scholarship is solely targeted at black women who are interested in any one of the above fields.
  • 5. The AORN Foundation Scholarship: The AORN is a professional organization of registered nurses who have the mission to support other registered nurses in the field of achieving optimal results for patients who are undergoing invasive procedures and operations. This scholarship provides financial assistance and support to those students who are enrolled in nursing schools and preoperative nurses pursuing their bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees.

There is a critical shortage of nurses in the nation and many black women cannot afford the cost of higher education. This is the reason why the AORN Foundation Board of Trustees knows that it is of prime importance to fund scholarships for students who are pursuing careers in nursing. The above is also applicable for professional nurses who aspire to advance their careers further too. Nursing students are encouraged to apply for these scholarships because it is a privilege to be a scholarship award recipient.

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Scholarships for black nursing students

LPN to RN nursing scholarships

You love the medical field and helping people, but as an LPN, wouldn’t it be nice to get paid more for the work you love?  RN’s almost always get a far better salary and benefit package because they are worth more to their employer.  Being an RN means that you are more certified and better qualified to take on more responsibilities.  More responsibility means that you’ll be able to afford that house instead of your studio apartment.  The only problem is, in order to become an RN; you have to go back to school.  Who’s got the money for that?  You know you’re going to need LPN to RN nursing scholarships, but where should you look?

In this article, we’ll show you a few tips and tricks to get you back into school on someone else’s dime.

Registered Nurse: Not Impossible

The thought of school may be daunting.  Not only is it hard work; it is very costly.  You’re going to want to track down as many LPN to RN nursing scholarships as possible.
Here are a few you may want to look at:

  • Alpha Tau Delta
  • Health Occupations Students of America
  • Infusion Nursing Society
  • United Daughters of the Confederacy
  • Ulman Cancer Fund for Adults
  • National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Associations
  • American Quarter Horse Foundation Scholarships

This list, by no means, is exhaustive.  You can find LPN to RN nursing scholarships all over the Web; this will just give you a place to start. Most of these scholarships will require a good bit of paperwork, and that takes time to process.  You will want to make sure to fill out that paperwork and send it in at latest by March before the year you will need that scholarship.  The LPN to RN nursing scholarships will most likely require an essay and several references.  The best thing you can do is have these lined up well in advance.  Most of these scholarships will give you anything from paying for your books to a full ride.  Your success depends on how well prepared you are, the ability to flaunt the credentials you already have, and how soon you can send in your paperwork.  Some of these LPN to RN nursing scholarships are on a first-come-first-serve basis.  So be sure you get your paperwork spot on, as soon as possible.

Nursing scholarships in Louisville KY

Top 5  scholarships for nursing in Henderson, Hopkinsville, Lexington, Louisville, Kentucky

Are you a resident in Kentucky and you want to get a nursing degree?  The funding to get that education does seem daunting, but you’re in luck.   You can take advantage of hundreds of scholarships, saving you tons of money when you’re finished with your nursing education.  We are going to take a closer look at the top 5 scholarships that you can get your hands on, if you’re going to school in Louisville, more specifically, The University of Louisville.

Take Notes

The information in this article might be able to save you thousands of dollars, if not, give you a full ride for your education.  You may want to either print this article, or get a pen and a piece of paper, because there’s a lot or money to be saved if you follow up on these scholarships.

  • The American Cancer Society – This particular scholarship will assist nurses who are getting their master’s in cancer nursing.  They will help you with $10,000 over the next 2 years if you’ve kept your grades consistently high
  • Greater Louisville Medical Society Alliance – This is a scholarship that can either award you a full ride, or just pay for your books.  The factors do depend on your grades and your financial situation.  This scholarship is definitely worth scoping out.
  • Army Nurse Candidate Program – This program is for those nurses who are interested in joining the US Army, with a GPA of 3.2.  Among other perks, you can get a sign on bonus of $10,000, a yearly tuition assistance of $5,000, and even a monthly stipend of $1,000 so the student does not have to take a part time job in order to pay the bills.
  • Kentucky Board of Nursing Incentive Scholarship – This scholarship is funded by the Kentucky Board of Nursing, for the express purpose to give scholarships to nursing majors who wish to reside in KY after they graduate.  With this scholarship, they will pay you $2,000 initially, with $1,000 per semester in tuition assistance.

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Nursing scholarships in Cincinnati, Ohio

Top 5 nursing scholarships for Cincinnati, OH nursing students

Are looking to head off to college in Cincinnati, OH and want to get into their nursing programs? There are wonderful benefits for being in the medical field, and because it is a field that helps people, medical foundations and trusts are just itching to give you cash. If you’ve kept a high GPA, you could be eligible for thousands in tuition assistance and grants. The cost of education could be extremely high, but with help, you can achieve your dreams and not have to pay off those school loans for the next few decades. We are going to take an in depth look at the top 5 scholarships for nursing students in Cincinnati, OH.

List of top scholarships in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, West Chester, Cleveland, Fairfield – Ohio:

#1. The Rose Hook Scholarship Fund – This scholarship was created to commemorate a nurse who once served on the InterAct of Change board. This scholarship is complex, and could pay a full ride, or just a few hundred dollars. The best thing you can do is fill out the application about 6 months before the next semester, and brag about all your accomplishments.

#2. The Laura Rosanagle Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship would go to a nursing major with either a BS or a BA, as well as being enrolled in an MSN degree program.

#3. The Ida W. Casey Program – this is a high paying scholarship that is awarded to nursing majors who are working towards their BS with consistently high GPA’s.

#4. The Anna M. Drake Scholarship – This scholarship will be awarded to nursing majors who are in accredited programs and are receiving either an associate or baccalaureate nursing degree.

#5. The Clinton and Blanche Harden Scholarship – This program will assist nursing majors who are currently involved in ASN, BSN, or LPN nursing programs.

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