Nightingale nursing scholarships

Nightingale Nursing scholarship is available. 🙂

Check out the information available.

Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania (NAP), a nonprofit foundation created to recognize and retain nurses in Pennsylvania, announces the availability of scholarships for individuals pursuing an education in nursing. The scholarships will be awarded in spring 2011 and can be used for tuition, books, and/or educational fees for that same term.

To qualify, an applicant must be a resident of Pennsylvania; admitted to a Pennsylvania nursing school that prepares students to become licensed practical nurses, registered nurses or working toward advanced degrees in nursing to practice in a new, advanced role in nursing; have a current minimum grade point average of B according to the school standards; have completed or be currently enrolled in at least one course designated as nursing; and have not previously received a Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania Scholarship.

Scholarship recipients will be selected based on their academic achievement, leadership potential as evidenced by special honors and/or special recognition, community service, and personal commitment to the profession of nursing.

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