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CNA training course online

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) contributes richly to the lives of his patients while earning a good salary.  Because certification entails attending an accredited CNA school, busy career changers often seek their CNA training online.  The online CNA candidate can enroll, study and complete the program on a flexible schedule, so the distance learning option can allow her to become certified more quickly than she could at a community college or other “bricks and mortar” school.

With excellent job opportunities, choosing an online CNA training program can put you straight to work ahead of the competition.  Being a certified nursing assistant can be the best nursing career options.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts faster-than-average growth in the job market for CNAs through at least 2018.  A steadily aging US population and pressure in the health care industry to provide quality care with less budget will combine to provide excellent opportunities for nursing assistants, who work not only in hospitals, but also in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and as home health care providers.

Nursing assistant certification requires a combination of the theory obtained in school and the practice obtained in a clinical setting helping nurses and doctors.  A good online CNA training program will assist you in finding that clinical opportunity as well as teach the theory and prepare you for the certification exam.

Considering speed to market, excellent job prospects, average annual starting salaries in the mid-20’s and reduced opportunity cost versus a bricks and mortar program, the cost/benefit ratio of online CNA training is quite attractive.  Online programs can cost a fraction of community college tuition and allow the student to stay in his current full-time job while completing the theory portion of the training.  Students will be spending 50 – 100 hours in the field doing the clinical piece, so having the flexibility to do the theory at home after work or on weekends reduces lost wages, or “opportunity cost.”

CNA professionals work under the supervision of licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered nurses (RNs) and medical doctors (MDs).  While being a nursing assistant is rewarding, many CNAs enjoy the profession so much that they continue their studies to become certified as LPNs, RNs and even MDs.  Whether you intend to use the CNA as a stepping stone to advanced certification or to make CNA your permanent career, you should seriously consider the speed, flexibility and cost of an online CNA training program. There are several scholarships for CNA available.

Free CNA training

Due to the fact that there are shortage for certified nursing assistants, many local vocational training organizations offer free CNA training.  Air Force Aid society Spouse Employment Program pay for spouses of active duty military to become certified CNA’s. Even many employers also offer free cna training. So it is wise inquire at human resources department where you work. They Also might arrange a loan for you. Classes are available both online and at school. You must pass state exam to become certified nursing assistant which usually aren’t covered under classes. There are few CNA Scholarships program available.

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