CNA scholarships, HHA scholarships

Find CNA and HHA scholarships and how to apply for it

A higher education can get pricey but scholarships are a good way to help offset tuition costs. In the past, there has been a lack of funding for scholarships, but the government has made an effort to provide more funding for those seeking further training. If you are seeking to better the world by becoming a certified nursing assistant or home health aide, consider these top 5 CNA and HHA scholarships and how to apply for them.

Begin by applying for grants. These are most often provided by the federal government and are monies given for school that never have to be repaid. Filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), you will be notified of how much you qualify for and how much you will be responsible for paying. The amount given depends on your income and economic situation. Those with less income and fewer resources receive more assistance.

Go to the local hospitals in your area and talk to the administrators about funding your training. It is best to only inquire of hospitals you would be willing to work for. This way, their investment in you will benefit them in the near future, and your chances of getting a scholarship are better.

The government provides hospitals and healthcare facilities with additional funding for this very reason. In return, you will probably be required to work for that facility for at least 6 months.

You might also consider beginning as a nurse’s assistant at a health care facility. After you have established a reputation as a hard worker who is dedicated and committed, you can talk to them about a scholarship for further training. If you have shown yourself to be a good worker, chances are they will have no problem springing for additional training.

If you are already enrolled in school, talk to the Admissions Office about a CNA scholarship. As with hospitals, the government provides funds to community colleges and local certification schools for this purpose. Usually all it takes is asking to gain access to these untapped scholarships.

The top 5 CNA scholarships and how to apply for them include those for minority groups. State Farm Insurance Hispanic Scholarships, Coca Cola Scholarships, and McDonald’s Education Scholarships are just a few of those awarded to individuals of ethnic descent. Most require a list of community service and achievements as well as an essay, however each has its own requirements. Contact the individual companies for specifications on how to apply.

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