Nurse scholarships

Having a college education in today’s job market is basically a requirement to be offered a decent wage.  The chance to attend a university is exciting for both prospective high school students and those returning to school who are already in the workplace.  As eager students search for ways to reduce the high cost of tuition, the idea of being selected for a scholarship becomes more and more appealing.  Sadly, there are individuals that will prey on the unsuspecting applicant and take advantage of their desperation by making false claims.  Avoid scholarship scam by being aware of some of their tactics.

Every year, over $100 million is lost by Americans that have been conned through a scholarship scandal.  Here are some tips to avoid the common nurse scholarship scam:

•    Do not give personal identification over the phone to an incoming call from an unknown agency offering to help you find a scholarship.  This includes birth dates, bank account information and social security numbers.  Providing those pieces of information makes you a prime target for identity theft.

•    If you did not enter a competition, chances are you did not win any scholarship.  Be wary of any strange organization pressuring you to take advantage of this prize.

•    Applying for scholarships is time consuming and can be difficult, but it is meant for the student to complete.  It is also excellent preparation for what to expect from some professors.  No one should be paying an agency to research, prepare and apply for the student’s scholarship.

•    Nurse scholarships are “free money” and are provided to the student.  They are not dependent on the recipient paying to receive it.  You do not have to pay money to get money.  This includes paying a processing fee to speed along your application.

•    Guarantees cannot be made that someone will receive any amount in funding.

•    Be on guard against mail and email solicitations because they may appear very official looking.  Universities and higher education institutions can afford their own private email addresses, so do not reply to anything coming from a free internet address such as yahoo or hotmail.

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