Nursing scholarship program

Career in nursing both rewarding and high earning because you help people and because the demand for nurses will continue to be high for decades to come.  On the other hand, money is an issue for many people, especially if it is a four-year degree.  If you are a nurse and are afraid you will run out of funding, then there are many options for you.

This article will focus on obtaining a scholarship, but first consider a few other options.  Because nurses are in high demand, some institutions are willing to help pay your loans as an enticement.  Borrowing money is not as much of a risk as in other industries, because as long as you have a professional personality and decent grades, you are almost guaranteed a job.  One final consideration outside scholarships is that nursing is a job you can work at as you learn; basic nursing only requires a certificate.  From there you can move on to a two year degree, and then on to a Bachelor’s degree.

All the above considerations aside, it is great to find free money.  Since nursing is, again, a highly valued occupation, there are many public and private resources to draw upon.  Getting started is as simple as opening your web browser and typing “nursing scholarship” into the search engine, and this alone will generate a wealth of resources or check with your university.  They likely have connections with local resources and hospitals.

Qualifications for nurse scholarships vary.  Most focus on criteria such as economic need and grades.  Since medicine is a science and an art, writing an essay is not always a requirement.  On the other hand, the student must be able to express his or her need, and so a creative description or explanation can help win the award.  Nurses are not writers by vocation, but even in this field it pays to know how to write scholarship essays.

The process is the same for any effective document:  Begin by gathering your thoughts.  Think about what you want to say and dash them down on paper.  It may take a while to think of everything; it may help to read other essays, do research, or talk to teachers.  It may even take you days to finish your list, but the more ideas you start off with, the more effective the essay will be.

Writing is a combination of rational and emotional persuasion.  After you have gathered ideas, introduce yourself and your needs, proceed to why you want to be a nurse and why you would succeed and all what you wish to accomplish for your entire career.  Scholarships are an investment of money; the investor wishes to back dedicated and morally upright individuals.  Your writing must reflect these virtues.  You must sell yourself as a hardworking person with high-minded aspirations and reaching career plans.

Now you have your content, the last thing is style.  Writing style is an art in itself, but there are hard-and-fast rules.  Use the most accurate terms possible, thinking carefully about your wording.  Try to replace vague words with career-specific words.  Take lengthy sentences and chop them into something short and precise.  Smaller sentences get the idea across more efficiently, and pack more of a punch.  Lengthy sentences were popular in the nineteenth century, when books were cozy and had aristocratic pretensions.  Style is a more difficult art; if you have trouble with it, get someone to help you or read the guide by Strunk and White.

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