Home Health Nurse

What home health nurses do

The main responsibility and job of the home health nurse is to render medical care at home. There may be an instance where an individual has suffered from a serious accident or the like and needs the services of a nurse at home. The home health care is the professional that ensures that such a person is taken care of at home. The home health care nurse is one that not only works with the patient but with the members of the patient’s family as well. The home health nurses analyze what patient needs and the health of the patient. The home nurse goes to the home of the patients and administers the care and the medications that are required for the treatment and the care of the patients.

The home health nurse renders the medical advice to the members of the patient’s family. They also consult with the main physician of the patient and devise the treatment and the health care plan effectively with him or her. For patient’s sake home health nurse links between patients and other members of the medical profession. So patients recover faster and have less difficulties doing everyday duties. They also work in co-ordination with the other health care workers of the patient and ensure that the needs and the requirements of the patient are looked into successfully. They play a very vital role in supervising and looking after the medical home needs of the child.

The certification is granted by American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Generalist Home Health Nurse Certification Board.  Home health nurses salary is about $49,000-$53,000.

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