Male nurse experiences

Males in the nursing profession represent a minority however they are indispensable to the medical and the healthcare industry as females. In the past the male nurse experiences were diverse and different from what they are today. When males first entered the nursing profession it was observed that they were victims of female hostility as they had entered a field that predominantly belonged to females. There were certain areas where they were not accepted and they had to face the brunt of discrimination.

The male nurse experiences in nursing have changed ever since and the scenario is quite different today. There are about 6 % of total male nurses in the medical and healthcare profession. Women in the industry have accepted the advent of the man and now their presence is accepted.

The male nurse experiences are also very positive with elderly patients as it has been observed that they can confide in male nurses even better than female nurses. As for the nursing job and responsibilities the pay for both male and female nurses are the same. In the past there was a myth that male nurses were paid less than their female counterparts. This is no longer true as there are a large number of nursing vacancies that are yet to be filled in the market. Since there is an acute shortage of male nurses in the industry men are encouraged to join the field and also fill in the positions that are beckoning them on a large scale!

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