Male nurse jokes

The nursing profession is a very honorable profession and people all over the world love and respect nurses for their care and compassion. Nurses are a vital component of the health care and the medical sector and they are respected for the humane touch that they render to the sick and the needy. Both male and female nurses are adorned by their patients as they are the main source of interaction and source of confidence for them in health care units.

When it comes to male nurses they have always been at the center of humor and jokes for a long time. In the USA it has been observed that ever since the popular TV series “Scrubs” and the movie “Meet The Parents” where Ben Stiller acted as a male nurse, they have been the subject of fun loving jokes for their entry into a profession that was once considered to be a strictly female dominated one. Most of these jokes are meant for fun and they are enjoyed by people all over the world.

There are a number of male nurses who do not mind these funny male nurse jokes and they tend to take them in good humor. Since the nursing profession entails a lot of hard work and stress these jokes are enough to lighten up the mood of a patient or a co-worker in the event of tension. There are many male nurse jokes that are available online and they are widely read and laughed at to be many people across the globe!

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