Male nurse action figure

Male nurses roughly make up 6% of the total number of nurses working in the world. Gradually they are being recognized and credited for their services to the medical and the health care sector. They are growing in large numbers and they are also a huge source of inspiration for many young men and boys who are aspiring to be male nurses in the future. They are role models and mentors and they are immensely popular and respected by all in society today!

As mentioned above the male nurse is a huge inspiration to a large number of young boys and men and keeping this in mind Archie McPhee has now launched the male nurse action figure in the market. This male nurse figure comes with a stethoscope and a clipboard that holds an x-ray. The figurine is made of hard plastic and it is 5-1/4 inches tall. In fact, these male nurse figurines are targeted to treat the symptoms of patients and also cure whatever ails them. They are mostly directed to thank a male nurse for his services to the ill and the needy in society.

The male nurse action figure depicts the male nurse as heroic life savers who deserve appreciation every day. They are not angels and they should not be mocked or humiliated for their humane services that they render to their patients on a daily basis. They are real life heroes and they should be placed on the higher planes of respect like their female counterparts!

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