Nurse Midwife

An Insight Into The Role Of A Nurse Midwife (delivers babies)

One of the most important medical professionals working in the delivery room of a medical unit is the nurse midwife. This nurse is a specialized professional from the American Midwifery Certification Board that understands the needs of a woman in labor when she is about to deliver her baby. This nurse is one that renders humane and advanced patient care that is entirely different from the role of the other nurses that work in the medical profession. The nurse is the person that renders the woman in labor the emotional and the spiritual support that she needs when she is about to deliver the child. The nurse midwife is a medical professional that has high ethics and paramount responsibility when it comes to catering to the delivery needs of the patient.

The nurse midwife is one that welcomes the expectant mother, establishes rapport with them and comforts them during labor. The main job of the nurse midwife is to explain to the expectant mother the proper breathing, the proper position and much more during the delivery process. The nurse works on the bonding between her and the expectant mother and helps her to tackle the pains and the joys of an emotional lifetime event. It is the duty of the nurse midwife to provide tender love and care during the delivery process and ensure that the delivery is conducted in a smooth and hassles free manner. The nurse midwife is a very important medical professional in the delivery unit of a hospital or a clinic and she also helps with the post care delivery needs of the patient and the baby once the labor and delivery is over.

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