Circulating Nurse , Operating Room Nurse

The Role Of The Operating Room Nurse or Circulating Nurse:

The Operating Room Nurse and Circulating Nurse is basically the same career. It is a medical professional that assists the surgeon in the operating room. Circulating Nurse is the one that passes on the tools and the equipment that is required in the surgery of the patient. These Circulating Nurses are the ones that also ensure the overall safety and the comfort of the patient in the operating room of the hospital or the medical set up. They are highly indispensable for any surgery or operation. The Circulating Nurse caters to the constant care and attention of the patient in the operating theater. The Operating Room Nurse or Circulating Nurse is one that is a registered one and is banked upon by all the professionals of the medical and health care industry. Operating Room Nurse or Circulating Nurse plays a vital role in the operating room and this is the reason why he/she is widely sought after in the medical and health care fraternity. This is the reason why there are many nursing aspirants who are opting for this profession.

In order to become a Operating Room Nurse or Circulating Nurse, the nurse must possess a registered nurse degree from a nursing school that is approved. This degree is generally an associate’s degree in Nursing and the RN’s License Examination is required to work in many hospitals and clinical set ups. There are many clinical set ups that also have specified that the nurse must have the relevant experience in this particular field of nursing. In order to work in this field the nursing spirant needs to have the required certification that is now currently available in nursing schools.
(Certification is available)

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