Nursing major for men

Nursing Major For Male , Is It Good Or Bad???

Nurses are growing by numbers day by day however when it comes to the percentage of male nurse in the nation they constitute only 5 percent of the total number of nurses in the nation. The career offers nurses plenty of growth enhancements and opportunities however it still cannot be understood as to why the number of male nurses in the nation are so low.

There are a number of lucrative nurse executive careers still vacant and they do provide excellent career opportunities for men. However, males are not being encouraged at all for these posts and students are not keen for doing their majors.

There is a crucial question in the nursing field and that is- nursing major for male, is it good or bad???

There are some experts who feel that the profession is attracting men into nursing schools however there is one big challenge and that is keeping them enrolled for a long time. According to Chad O Lynn PHD RN and an instructor at the University of Portland School Of Nursing in Portland Ore and the National Secretary Of The American assembly for men in nursing, most of the male nursing programs that he has come across have more male students dropping out than female students. The percentage of male retention is very low and there are certain factors that contribute to the cause. In order to retain male students it is very important to address the root cause of them dropping out so that they complete and finish their programs. For this reason it is very important to have support programs for them.

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