Nursing ethics for male nurses

Nursing ethics for male nurses emphasize the necessity of making moral judgments in the case of specific situations. It is rule of conduct that needs to be adhered to and it is based on the relationship of the male nurse with the patient. These ethics are generally centered on collaborative care, dignity of the patient, morality and human rights.

Like medical ethics, the nursing ethics that are applicable to male nurses focuses on their behavior as professionals that also include the determination of right or wrong in performing nursing procedures and responsibilities. One of the most important nursing ethics for male nurses is “non-maleficence” that means not to harm the patient. This ethic has been drawn out from the Hippocratic Oath that is also applicable to female nurses also.

Male nurses also need to respect the rule of autonomy that emphasizes on the right of individuals to make decisions that are good for themselves. Like for example the male nurses cannot force a patient to take a medication that he/she refuses to take. The male nurse must determine the cause of the refusal and provide proper education to the patient. After this, if the patient refuses the nurse must report the matter to the prescribing doctor.

When it comes to catering to female patients these male nurses should not provide Peri care. This should be taken care of by female nurses. Male nurses should ensure that the best nursing procedures must be delivered with compassion and competence when dealing with patients.

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