Obstetrical nursing for male

Male Nursing Obstetrics

Obstetric nurses are those nurses who have the specified training to help women in the pregnancy and the childbirth process. They work with doctors and they share the responsibility to ensure that women have safe deliveries. Not only are they responsible for the above but they are also responsible for managing other health care processes like examining the pelvic region of the female, providing postpartum care etc.

When it comes to male nursing obstetrics statistics claim that there are only 6 percent of male nurses in the field. There are many reasons for this the primary being the gender discrimination and there are many myths that surround male nurses in obstetrics. Patients generally get uneasy when they are catered to by male nurses. There are still any myths that surround male nurses and the medical profession. Many people still have the general idea that nursing is the ideal profession for females only.

Moreover, there are many concerns in the medical fraternity with regard to the job responsibility. According to a study by MacRae conducted in 2003 where a sample of 331 female nurses, 599 male nurses and 130 pregnant women were questioned. Out of the 331 female nurses 23% had reflected negative attitudes, 5 % were neutral and 72% expressed a positive attitude. 25% of female nurses who worked with male nurses stated that men did not belong to the domain at all. There were some females who stated male nurses did deserve to be in the obstetrics field of nursing if they were trained and competent enough to handle the responsibility and the  demands of the field.

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