Nursing ethics for female nurses

Nursing ethics are the basic rules of conduct that both female and male nurses have to abide to. They are focused on the best interests and the well being of the patient. Nursing ethics for female nurses are just as important as the ethics that are applicable to male nurses. They need to ensure that the needs and the interests of the patient are looked after well in order to ensure his/her road to recovery.

Veracity is an important ethic that female nurses must abide to when they are dealing with patients. They must tell the truth however with certain limitations so that the road to recovery of the patient is not impeded. This however has a dilemma in certain cases especially when the family of terminally ill patients. The opposite case may also occur when the patient requests the female nurse not to disclose the details of the illness to the family. In this manner the female nurse can discuss issues and also decide on what is considered best for the patient.

Beneficence is another important nursing ethic for female nurses and this means that they need to do all that is good for the benefit and the well being of their patient. All the nursing procedures must be performed taking into consideration the best interests of the patient.

Another important ethic that the female nurses must abide to is that they should maintain confidentiality about all the interactions that take place between the patient and the medical team is kept secret. This also includes sensitive information that has the possibility of harming the reputation of the patient.

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