Occupational Health Nurse, Industrial Health Nurse

An Overview Into The Duties Of The Industrial Health Nurse: Occupational Health Nurse or Industrial Health Nurse

The industrial health nurse is a medical professional generally work at specific work sites and they have the main responsibility to prevent disease and promote good health. They need to assist in surgery or medical treatment, administer medicines, record the symptoms of patients and work directly with them. The industrial health nurse is a registered nurse who carries out medical treatments and assists in bedside care. The nurse is the person that works in specialized departments like emergency, surgery, maternity and pediatrics. These nurses also work in administrative departments and they have the responsibility of over seeing the nursing stations. They are helpful in providing useful information about the community and they also help in rendering awareness about healthy lifestyles.

The industrial health nurse is also a medical professional who works within the community to provide advice to individuals and families. These nurses are also entrusted with the responsibility of conducting health care examinations also. They prepare accident reports for all the employees that work in the workstation. They also render emergency assistance and give information on diets, immunizations, preventive care and childcare advice to the public on a regular basis so that the society is benefited. They also carry out the medical treatment as and when required. These nurses are an integral part of the place where they work in as well as the society. They are responsible and specialized medical professionals in the medical and health care sector and they play a vital role in the treatment of all the patients under them.

The annual median occupational health nurse salary or industrial health nurse salary can go up to $65,903. The occupational health nurse certification is granted by The American Board For Occupational Nurses. Visit ABOHN today http://www.abohn.org/.

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