Oncology Nurse

An Insight Into The Duties Of The Oncology Nurse

The Oncology nurse is a medical professional that caters to the cancer illness of the patient. This type of nurse is one that provides valuable services to the patient and his or her family. The nurse is responsible for the screening of cancer and he or she is one that helps the doctor in conducting the treatment sessions. Oncology nurse is the one who discusses the health care options to the patient and also undertakes the task of counseling the family and the friends of the patient. The nurse is also one that provides educational information relating to cancer to the public. These oncology nurses work in both inpatient and the outpatient cancer units and cancer research medical institutions.

Oncology nurses also engage in cancer detection and the cancer treatment sessions of the patient. The oncology nurse  prepares the patient for the chemotherapy radiation treatment. They also undertake the responsibility to observe the sessions that also monitor the health of the patient. They also help to relieve the pain of the patients and they check into the vital health signs of the patient when the treatment is being conducted. They administer medication to the patient and they also help the patient in their daily activities like bathing and eating. They also act as a link between the patient and the doctor with regard to the progress and the condition of the patient. The oncology nurse plays a very vital role in the treatment and the care of the cancer patient.

The median oncology nurse salary can be about $60,252. The oncology nurse certification is granted by the Oncology Nursing Certification Board. visit them at www.oncc.org/

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