Maternity nurse

Lucrative Career Of A Maternity Nurse,

The chief responsibility of a Maternity Nurse is to care for the new mothers and their babies. They provide efficient care and support to new mother and take care of the baby while the mother recovers. It is the responsibility to a maternity nurse to provide assistance while the mother starts breast feeding, and give information about bottle-feeding, bathing and taking care of the baby. Maternity nurses have to make house calls and stay there long after the birth of the baby, till the mother is capable of taking care of the baby herself. It is natural for mothers to be exhausted both mentally and physically after giving birth. They become concerned about the new responsibilities of child-caring if they do not have any support at hand. The expert help of a maternity nurse assures the mother that their child will be well cared for. These nurses also provide help to the mothers in adjusting to their new role.

The duration of the stay of the nurse with the mother varies from patient to patient. While some mothers recover quickly from childbirth, others may take a long time to come recover from their exhaustion. Mothers who have undergone caesarean section(c-section) will take more time to recover than that have went through normal deliveries.

How to become a maternity nurse

There are many training programs that train nurses to become a qualified maternity nurse. There are many fields related to becoming a maternity nurse like midwifery, nursing or childcare. The experience of nurses really count when they apply for a maternity nurse job.

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