Pediatric nurse

what is a pediatric nurse?

The Pediatric Nurse (cares for children) is a nurse that deals in a number of specific fields like cardiology, dermatology, oncology and immunology.

The major role of Pediatric Nurse is to understand the needs of the child and the nature of the illnesses. Children are very often confused and they tend to get scared with the experience that happens to them. The pediatric nurse not only works with the child but with the parents too. The main work of the pediatric nurse is in the hospital or the critical care unit. Children are not like adults and they have very sensitive minds and bodies. This is the reason why they need to be handled carefully and with care. They are often victims of extreme and sudden symptoms and this is the reason why there are a special branch of nurses that cater to their needs and requirements. Pediatric nurses can earn up to about $80,000 over the years with experience and skills.

The pediatric nurse also deals with distress management. The child is one that often faces mixed response of panic, guilt and anxiety and it is the main duty and job of the nurse to handle them effectively. The pediatric nurse also is in charge of communicating with the doctors and the other medical professionals that cater to the treatment of the child. With the aid of the nurse the medical team is able to understand the condition and the development of the child’s medical condition. With the aid of the nurse the doctors and the medical team are able to discuss the treatment plans of the child effectively.

For pediatric nurse certification, contact The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) for guidelines. Pediatric nurses can earn up to about $80,000 over the years with experience and skills. Pediatric nurse salary

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