Asian American scholarships

Asian American Scholarships

At one point of time in the past it was very difficult for students of Asian American descent to find scholarships. They were not easily accepted in many colleges and those in need of financial assistance could not study further. Times have changed and there are a number of scholarships that are available for Asian American students. Thanks to the efforts of a number of organizations these students are now eligible for applying for scholarships in the nation. These scholarships are provided by both federal and state sources.

They have the sole target of providing students with the much needed financial assistance that they need. The following are some of the prominent Asian American Scholarships that are available to students of Asian American descent. The following are the names of some of the prominent scholarships that are available for students of Asian American descent-

  • The US Pan Asian American Chamber Of Commerce Scholarship – This is one of the major and prominent scholarships that are available in the USA. It helps individuals to get the education that they need with financial aid. Financial aid is also given to them for being representatives of the universities in which they are in. This foundation is also the oldest and the largest non-profit organization that represents Asian American and other related groups in the areas of arts, education, and public and community services.
  • The Asian And Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund or APIASF Scholarship –  This scholarship is financed by some of the major corporations in the USA. The objective of this scholarship is to provide financial aid to Asian American students who are looking for financial aid for college. In the year 2006 the Foundation had provided scholarships to 46 states in the USA. There are about 70% of these scholarships that are awarded to women.
  • The Boston College Asian American Scholarship – This is a college scholarship that was founded in the year 1995. Applicants who apply for the scholarship must be full time juniors of the college with a GPA score of 3.3 or more. The applicants should also have a record for community service.
  • The University Of California Berkeley’s Boalt Hall Scholarship For Asian Americans-This University has some prestigious scholarships that are available for law students. Applicants can get awards as per the eligibility criteria laid down by the college.
  • The Asian Pacific American Librarians Association Scholarship – This scholarship is a subject specific scholarship that provides financial assistance to students of Asian or Pacific backgrounds. The applicant has to be enrolled into a master’s or a doctoral degree program in a library or in information science that has been accredited by the American Library Association.

The above Asian American Scholarships are targeted to provide the much needed educational financial aid for students who are of Asian American origin and reside in the USA. The amount of the Awards granted varies and it largely depends on the eligibility and the academic track records of the student applying for them.

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