Psychiatric nurse salary

Possible Salaries For The Psychiatric Nurse

The field of psychiatry is a very busy one. In this area of medicine, you will find two different types of nurse working here. One is the basic level registered nurse. To become a registered nurse, and be able to work in psychiatry, the nursing student would have to complete a degree equivalent to an associate’s or bachelors. They would also have to choose to specialize in psychiatry, so that when the time in their education arrives for clinical work, they can be assigned appropriately.

The other type of nurse working here is the advanced level registered nurse, who is commonly called a nurse practitioner. To become a nurse practitioner, a nursing student must achieve the equivalent of a master’s or doctorate degree. Depending on where they are employed, nurses with this degree can choose to become Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, or Clinical Nurse Specialists.

In the field of psychiatry, sometimes the titles for people are as colorful as the patients themselves. Titles may vary from facility to facility. However basic level registered nurses are most commonly called psychiatric mental health nurses, or PMHN’s.

As a PMHN, the nurse works with the patient and family to assess the overall needs of the patient. The PMHN can also assist in the implementation of a treatment program, and monitor patients reactions to treatment. On a national average a PMHN can make between thirty-five and forty thousand dollars a year. That is an entry level post salary. once the experience grows and depend upon demand, Psychiatric nurse salary can reach up to $120,000.

This figure is not a constant, it may vary depending on the place of employment and its geographical location. Other factors such as years of experience may also influence the salary of a PMHN. Some facilities can’t afford to pay as much as other places can, times are tough. However, on the bright side, due to all the nursing shortages around the country, it will be relatively simple to actually find work.

The advanced level registered nurse, who may be called an APRN, is called on to do most of the same things as the basic level nurses are, and a little more besides. In some clinics they take on the role of Clinical Nurse Specialist. Many nurses with this degree of education operate independently of doctors, and are allowed to prescribe treatment plans to patients that include medications. The advanced level nurse is also able to more completely diagnose a patient’s condition, as well as determine the best treatment plan available.

An advanced level registered nurse or nurse practitioner can make anywhere from ninety to a hundred thousand a year easily. There is a high demand for trained and qualified medical professionals in the field of psychiatry, where demand far outstrips available supply. The above figure is just an average, actual figures may vary.

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