CNA certification in Connecticut

Certified Nurses Assistant In Connecticut

For people who want to become certified nurses assistants in the state of Connecticut, there is quite a bit of work ahead. Certification courses typically include at least 100 hours of course work before the nursing student is allowed take the certified nursing assistants examination. Different states vary in the amount of time required in order to be able to take this exam. Nurses seeking employment in Connecticut may waive these classes under certain special conditions.

These usually involve nurses who have received their certification and/or training in another state. Nurses who have completed the necessary coursework but haven’t taken the certification exam, may choose to do so at any time after they complete the required hours. Some nurses in other medical degree programs are also eligible under these requirements to become certified nurses assistants.

Each nursing assistant course must combine the elements of classroom study, lab-work, and clinical, or hands-on experience. Nursing assistant courses are offered in many places throughout the state of Connecticut. Some of these places include hospitals and nursing homes. It is common for medical facilities to offer this course in exchange for an employment agreement after graduation. Some facilities also pay back the student for money spent becoming a certified nurses assistant as long as they become employed by that medical facility within a year.

During their courses students are taught twenty five clinical skills. These skills help the student as they learn to work with other medical professionals and patients during the hands on portion of their classes. This experience is vital to the student and the facility both. Not only does it give the student an idea of what an entry level job is going to be like, it is also a great chance to assess the students skills and what they have learned. At the time of the certification exam, students will be tested on five random clinical skills. Not knowing which five, they study them all.

There are many different places the nursing student can take the certified nurses assistant course in the state of Connecticut. Each course may differ in entrance requirements, reading and course materials, and possibly the location of the clinical trials portion of the class. The cost of these courses can also vary from class to class. The one thing that has to remain constant throughout all of the offered courses is the federal requirement of seventy five hours of study. To even take the examination in Connecticut however requires one hundred hours of study and clinical trials.

People want to pay the nursing student to become the nurse. They know that this country is facing a severe nursing shortage in practically every area of medicine. Becoming any kind of nurse is a job that requires a lot of hard work, and a lot of ongoing study. Only those who are completely dedicated to helping others should even consider this profession.

Becoming a certified nurses assistant in the state of Connecticut is one of the cheaper degree programs a nursing student can achieve. The certification is required in order for the nurse to work in any state or private licensed medical facility of any kind. Some other degree programs already include this coursework in their curriculum. However for those who haven’t taken those courses yet, expect to spend twelve to eighteen months on this.

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