Scholarships for men in nursing

Men are a distinct minority in the field of nursing. It is estimated that only seven percent of all employed nurses are male. Only women’s basketball has a higher ratio of female to male workers. Opportunities for male nursing are everywhere. There will be an estimated one million jobs available in the field of nursing for the year 2012. It really doesn’t matter if those positions are filled by men or women, as long as they are filled.

The American Association of Male Nurses has two scholarship offerings for the male nursing student. The AAMN also works closely with the company Johnson & Johnson to continue to provide educational opportunities for men who wish to pursue a degree in nursing.

More information and scholarship applications are available at the American Association for Male Nursing website. AAMN is currently also partnered with several academic institutions to offer nursing programs through their schools. Schools such as Duke, Ohio State, and University of Texas now offer AAMN scholarships to their male students who wish to study nursing.

The Nursing Scholarship Program is offered by the federal government. This program offers scholarship money to nursing students. Applicants must be enrolled full or part time in an accredited program. Applicants also agree to work with the United States Health Department for a period of not more than two years.

The Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students is a federally administered program that provides educational assistance for minority groups that wish to study nursing. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited institution. Applicants must also demonstrate financial aid, as well as intent to pursue their studies. Men are considered a minority in the field of nursing, so this does apply.

The Global Scholarship Alliance offers scholarships to any nursing student who wishes to continue their studies past the undergraduate level. In return for having all educational costs paid, the applicant agrees to work in an area designated as critical by the GSA. Applicants also agree to participate in GSA-approved programs.

Men have just as many opportunities in the field of nursing as women do. All that they have to do is reach out and take them. An increasing number of male students is doing just that, but it is estimated that the ratio between female and male nurses is around 100 to 1. And that’s not likely to change anytime soon. The reason for that is simple. A lot of men don’t feel that nursing is for them.

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