Male nurse watch

Male Nurse Lapel Watch

There are numerous gifts for the male nurses, but a really nice idea for your man in the medical field is a lapel watch. As a male nurse, it is a very dashing and practical accoutrement to his everyday work attire.

There are many different styles and designs to choose from when you are looking for a lapel watch for your male nurse, or if you are wanting to buy one for yourself. The lapel watches come in different colors and sizes, and can even be customized for the area of practice that the male nurse is in. For example,. There are watches for pediatric care, general, lab and medical technology, mammography, long term care, and the list goes on.

The lapel watches are not big or cumbersome, so they work well with being pinned on the male nurse’s scrubs or medical attire. It is a great alternative to a wrist watch, which occasionally can get in the way of performing some procedures. Some male nurses have a hard time fitting rubber or latex gloves over a watch, so a lapel watch is a great and attractive alternative to this.

One of the nicest designs for the male nurse lapel watch is the simplest – a metal watch on a chain with a plain background and a simple yet attractive red cross emblazoned on the watch face. It sends a clear message that the male nurse is an important aspect of the medical world, and is quite sharp and good looking.

The lapel watch for the male nurse is also multi-purpose, as it can either be worn as a lapel watch or be used as a pocket watch. Pocket watches are very stylish and a way to spice up your nursing couture, and it always looks kind of fun when you reach into your pocket and pull out a pocket watch. For those of your male nurses who are a little old-fashioned or who like items from days gone by, using the lapel watch as a pocket watch definitely fits that need. You can also have it engraved if you like.

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