Funny license plates ideas

Funny license plates ideas for male nurses

If you are a male nurse, forget all the people who may give you a hard time and have fun with it. Most people are appreciative that there are male nurses in a field where there are so many people who need the help that nurses provide. One of the ways you can have fun with your profession is to get a specialized license plate. If you don’t have the time or money to get your license plate personalized, you can always get a customized license plate cover or border that announces your celebration of being a male nurse.

A popular license plate frame states: “Are You Man Enough To Be A Male Nurse?” Well of course you are and that’s how you can let the world (and everyone who drives behind you) know it.

Don’t forget – Nurse’s Week is celebrated every year from May 6 through May 12. May 6 is actually Nurse’s Day, so not only do you get the day as a recognized special day but the whole week is for celebrating all the wonderful nurses. A license plate cover would be a good gift for a male nurse during this time or any time.

There is some debate as to whether or not it is a good idea to announce on your license plate that you are a nurse, male nurse or female nurse. Some people wonder if they would be legally obligated to have to pull over at every accident scene or sight of an injured person.

There are Good Samaritan Laws out there, but the legal area is Grey as far as your obligation to stop. There are police who have given safety lectures to some nurses and they recommend against having your license plate say that you are a male nurse or a female nurse. The reason for this is that they have had instances where nurses have been preyed on by criminals.

People with bad intentions flag down the nurse’s car saying they need help and then attack and rob them. It is a sad fact about society today but it is true that you must do everything you can to avoid a dangerous situation.

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