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Know More On The Top NCLEX PN questions?

In order to pass the NCLEX PN examination it is very essential for the applicant to practice NCLEX PN questions for passing the examination with good marks. It is prudent to be aware of the top  NCLEX PN questions so that you are able to understand the format and the pattern of questions that you need to answer.

The following are some of the top  100 NCLEX PN questions that you can practice before you appear for the test.

1. If a patient complains to you that his/her urine is discolored and you know that it is due to medication which of the following medications does not cause the discoloration of the urine?
A. Levodopa
B. Phenolphthalein
C. Sulfasalazine
D. Aspirin

2. If you are inspecting the refrigerator of the nursing care unit and you find the following drug in the refrigerator that should be removed which one would be it?
A. Humulin injection
B. Corgard
C. Urokinase
D. Epogen (injection)

3. There is a 34 year old patient and she has been diagonised with disease that is an autoimmune one. She is also pregnant. Decide which of the following immunoglobulin will offer protection to the fetus growing in the womb?
A. IgA
B. IgD
C. IgE
D. IgG

4. There is a second year student of nursing who has suffered from a needlestick while working with a AIDS positive patient. What is the next action that he/she should do?
A. See a social worker at once
B. Begin the prophylactic AZT treatment
C. Begin Start prophylactic Pentamide treatment
D. Get counseling

5. There is a 35 year old male who has been a diabetic dependent on insulin for five years and now he cannot urinate? Which of the following are responsible for this?
A. Atherosclerosis
B. Diabetic nephropathy
C. Autonomic neuropathy
D. Somatic neuropathy

6. You are taking the history of a 14 year old girl who has a BMI of 18. The girl is unable to eat, vomits a lot and has serious constipation. Which of the following are you going to suspect?
A. Multiple sclerosis
B. Anorexia nervosa
C. Bulimia
D. Systemic sclerosis

7. There is a 24 year old female who has been admitted to the ER for confusion. This patient is one who has a history of constipation, myeloma diagnosis, abdominal pain that is intense and polyuria. Which of the following would you suspect?
A. Diverticulosis
B. Hypercalcaemia
C. Hypocalcaemia
D. bowel syndrome (irritable)

8. There is a new mother who has certain questions about PKU. Which of the following are not correct statements that have been made about PKU?
A. The PKU effects are reversible
B. The urine of the patient contains a high degree of phenylpyruvic acid
C. The mental defects are present with PKU
D. The Guthrie test is needed to check into the lab values that are needed.

The above are some examples of the top NCLEX PN questions that are frequently asked in the test. These questions along with others have to be practiced so that the nursing student is able to understand the format and the pattern of the nature of the questions asked.

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