Scholarships for undocumented students

Illegal immigrants in USA are a very controversial topic. Since America is the land of opportunity, it attracts people from all over the globe. According government agency, there are roughly 12 million illegal aliens. Now many of the undocumented aliens have family including children.

These illegal status children, if they aren’t born in USA struggle real financial hardship when joining a college or university for higher studies. As we all know how expensive higher studies are. These illegal families would work almost triple than an average American family to support their child’s education. Until now there were very few scholarships for illegal students available which were not needed a residency status. Almost all the illegal students were paying four times tuition per credit since they were considered an international students.Many of the Americans do not know the fact that illegal students has to pay their fees and are not eligible for federal or state grants.

But now there is a good news for illegal students. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn will sign a bill “the Illinois Dream Act” on August 1st,2011 that would allow children of illegal aliens to apply and receive all scholarships in private colleges only. State colleges are not allowed yet. State of Illinois is the first to pass such bill. State of Illinois will also refuse participation in the federal deportation program known as Secure Communities. So the law enforcement throughout the state, will no longer notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) while arresting illegal aliens. If illegal aliens are proved guilty in a court, then deportation will occur. State of Texas and California might consider this bill in their respective state, but so far there is no official press announcement on this issue.

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