Nurses in new zealand

Male Nursing In New Zealand

The history of nursing began in New Zealand way back in the 1800’s with the first hospital being established in 1850. Initially females were a part and parcel of the industry and men were not comfortable in joining the profession. In New Zealand there was a common perception that men who joined the nursing industry were gay. This deterred many men from joining the profession in the past. With the passage of time the perception changed and males started to join the medical and the healthcare units on a wide scale.

Now the scenario has changed and men are gradually entering the nursing and the healthcare profession thanks to the public awareness that is created. In the past it was observed that men did not have the option to join the profession as it was a dominantly female area. Times changed and the shortage of nurses in the medical and the healthcare industry prompted the males to come and join the profession. It was observed that men and women were indispensable to the medical and the healthcare industry and they were both required to bridge the gap.

Male nurses began to get accepted and patients liked their presence at the hospital and health care units. There are now a number of scholarships and financial aid that is available to the male nurse in New Zealand. Male nurses are now role models to a number of young men who dream of becoming a part of the nursing and the healthcare profession in the nation

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