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If you have considered making nursing your career, you may also want to consider taking some pre-nursing courses before you sign up to begin any actual training. Pre-nursing courses supplement a student’s training as they study to be an LPN or RN. Nursing is one of those fields that you can never over train for, and you can never have too much hands on experience.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to pre-nursing scholarships. Most of them seem to favor a particular geographical area, or in a lot of cases are for a particular school. Contact your school’s financial aid office. Chances are they will know which awards and scholarships you can apply for.

Below you can find a list of some of the choices that are available to you. They are listed in no particular order or preference, and this is not a complete list. However it may give you some ideas, and places to start looking.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Endowed Scholarship is available to students who are enrolled in a medical program at Florida Community College. This program is for residents of the state of Florida. Students who receive this scholarship must have a GPA of at least 2.5 to be considered.

The Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Wyoming Scholarship is available to pre-nursing students attending Central Wyoming College. To receive this award you must be a resident of Wyoming. You must also demonstrate financial need, and have a GPA of 2.0. This award is for $500 a year.

Contact Blue Cross at 1-800-442-2376

The Blue Bird Auxiliary Scholarship is awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students alike, as long as it will be applied toward a degree in a medical field. To be eligible for this award however, you must be willing to donate 350 hours of your time to United Methodist Hospital in San Antonio. To be considered for this award you must have either graduated with a 3.1 GPA, or be maintaining one as you seek to further your education. Contact the San Antonio Area Foundation for more information.

The Alice P. Chancellor Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students at Cochise College who are majoring in nursing and nursing related fields. To be eligible for this award you must have attended a Cochise County high school and demonstrate financial need. You are also required to have a 2.0 GPA.

These are only a few of the choices available to you if you are seeking financial aid to take pre-nursing classes. You may also be eligible for federal grants and other state related grants not listed here. Talk to the financial aid office at the school of your choice.

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