Types of nursing home

Types Of Nursing Home

There are several types of nursing homes and the facilities that they offer vary to a very large extent. Some of the different types of nursing home care have been listed and described below:

Assisted Living Nursing Homes– These nursing homes are meant for elderly people who are looking for senior care housing facilities however are not ready to be placed in a nursing home. This assisted living facility is a good choice as it permits elderly people to be independent with the aid of nursing assistants if required. These assisted living care homes are those that bridge the gap between the full service care homes and independent living. These homes are ideal for keeping an elderly loved one. The full service day care homes strips the freedom and the independence of a resident. This nursing home is the ideal place for an elderly person who needs freedom but help in certain tasks by nursing assistants. These homes help people who do not require constant care at all times. Residents of these nursing homes get help for medication, eating, bathing, dressing, housekeeping etc.

Skilled Nursing Home-The skilled nursing home is a medical facility home that provides services like a hospital. This home provides optional short term and long term care for citizens. These homes have scheduled doctors regularly checking the residents, licensed nurses and staff. Meals are also provided. There are shared rooms, housekeeping and hospital beds. This nursing home facility is favorable as it provides the resident an environment that is a relaxed one. Residents get the feel of home and are care by professionals in the healthcare sector.

Private Nursing Home– This nursing home is meant for those who do not require government assistance to afford the expenditure of a nursing home. This type of nursing home is a permanent solution for the provision of long term care and guidance for senior citizens. The inmates of these private nursing homes are generally in the age group of 60 years to 90 years. The staff employed takes care of their needs and requirements.

Veterans Nursing Home– This type of nursing home is a health care facility that provides healthcare to heroes of USA. They are meant for seniors who served the country in military operations. The atmosphere of these homes is progressive and the residents receive a value added environment. They share the bond of military service and national patriotism. There are dedicated volunteers that come from local veteran organizations and there are military units who visit the homes on a regular basis. Residents of this home participate in social events and they also share stories of their military service and enjoy the facilities of staying together.

The above are some of the widely popular nursing home facilities that is available to senior citizens and patients. They are located in every state and you do not have to face any difficulty in finding them. Research will help you get the specific nursing home facility that is specific to your needs and requirements.

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