CNA training Baton Rouge, Louisiana

An Overview Of CNA Training In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In Baton Rouge the name of the nurse aide should be on the Registry for the candidate to be eligible to work in any health cum medical establishment. The regulations that govern the state are regulated by the state and the federal laws. These laws state that the candidate needs to complete the at least 75 hours of classroom training that is approved by Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. The candidate also needs to complete an extra of 5 hours of instruction to make the classroom teaching total 80 hours. There is an additional requirement of the student and that is he/she needs to clear a state examination of two components.

The total of 80 hours is further broken down into 40 hours of in-house classroom teaching and 40 hours of medical environment outside the classroom. The state selects two curriculum for the candidate and they are “how to be a nurse assistant” and “successful nursing assistant care”. The nurse aide also needs to appear for a test that involves a criminal background check as well as a positive TB test along with a valid enrollment id. The minimum age of the candidate must be at least 18 years and they do not need to have a high school degree or a GED.

The courses that are provided in curriculum teach and guide the nurse aide both theory and practical knowledge under the guidance and the supervision of a registered nurse. The courses that the candidates have to study include both communication and interpersonal skills in order to handle patients who may be deaf or who may suffer any kind of similar challenges. The candidate also needs to be well trained in safety and emergency practices, how to administer CPR in the proper manner. The candidate also needs to know in detail about mental health and other social service needs like making a patient feel comfortable during the last days or moments of his life.

Candidates in Baton Rogue need to pass the course program with at least seventy percent and after that the nurse aid needs to take a competency examination that is conducted and managed by the National Council Of State Boards of Nursing. This test can be taken in a number of sites that also includes the Red Cross. The test is one that includes two parts. There is a written skills test that needs to be passed with at least 70% marks. There are 60 questions in the written test and they are multiple choice questions. There are ten questions that are related to reading comprehension and the time limit for the test is two hours. There is a clinical test that the candidates have to pass and the time limit for this test is 25 minutes. When the test is passed the candidate will be registered with the Nurse Aide Registry that is a pre-requisite for employment in the medical and nursing industry. The candidate can also retain a copy of the proof with them as well.

The CNA certification in Baton Rogue is valid for two years after the registration is completed.

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