Is there a nursing shortage

Effects of nursing shortage

The national nursing shortage has been responsible for helping drive the pay for nurses up over the past decade. Today there is an even greater need for nurses and many of the nurses with special skills and training can ask for even higher salaries. You can step into a nursing career and now expect to make a starting salary up to 3 times greater than those who were graduating in the 1980s.

If you have wanted a respected career with a good future and high pay, nursing is a field that can offer you all this and more. The nursing shortage has created an unprecedented demand for qualified nurses and employers are willing to pay well to fill their positions. As a nurse you can find jobs in any area of the country and you have the opportunity to work in many different settings. Economic downturns will not result in layoffs and there is no shortage of available hours for you to work. Overtime is in plentiful supply for those nurses who want to take advantage of extra pay and extra hours.

Benefits of nursing shortage

The benefits of nursing shortage are that it has created a market where nurses can pick and choose from available jobs. This has made employers eager to offer tempting salaries and benefits packages in an attempt to attract more workers to their own institutions. Experienced and new graduate nurses can both take advantage of the higher pay that has been a result of the nursing shortage.

This open job market is making it possible for nurses to walk into high paying jobs in nursing straight out of school. Starting pay and benefits have been increased dramatically in an effort to attract more workers. Hospitals find themselves having to compete for qualified nurses with doctor’s offices, outpatient clinics, schools and industries. New graduates are now able to pick and choose the jobs in nursing that they want and they are well aware of the power this is giving them. 20 years ago, new nurses without experience were glad to get jobs, even though the nursing shortage was present then as well. Now that the shortage has reached critical proportions, employers are glad to find qualified nurses, experienced or not.

For experienced individuals, they have their choice among the best jobs in nursing and can expect to receive high pay and a good benefits package as part of the deal. They can even return to school to obtain advanced degrees and have this paid for as long as they agree to work for their employer for at least one extra year.

You no longer have to stay with a job that offers you minimum wage because one of the benefits of nursing shortage is that it has created thousands of opportunities. If you apply now to a nursing program you can be a highly paid professional nurse in as little as two years. There are community college programs and online nursing programs that are open to you now and you can fit the programs and courses into your busy schedule. So enroll in nursing today.

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