Journal of gerontological nursing

To become a successful Gerontological nurse, it is very important for you to know practicalities involved in the job. Apart from this, it is also important for you to be aware about all the latest and helpful information that will contribute towards your success in the job. To help you in this task, it is important for you to have the Journal of Gerontological nursing.

Journal of Gerontological nursing

The Journal of Gerontological nursing is a monthly journal mostly consisting of clinically relevant articles on Gerontological nursing practice. The main feature of this journal is it provides helpful information to Gerontological nurses based in a variety of health care settings.

What is included in the journal of Gerontological nursing?

The journal includes a large array of articles on various sections. The following is a rough table of contents, which are mostly included in the Journal of Gerontological Nursing.

  • Clinical concepts
  • Legal issues
  • Public policy
  • Geropharmacology
  • Research briefs
  • Diagnosis dementia
  • Technology innovations
  • A nursing Education quiz

How to get the Journal of Gerontological nursing?

To get the Journal of Gerontological nursing, you need to subscribe for the Journal, which is available on various web sites on the Internet. You can either apply for an Individual subscription or can have an Institutional Subscription of the Journal. In individual subscription you will have to bear the costs on your own whereas for Institutional Subscriptions, the institutions such as corporations, governmental entities, academic institutions and hospitals or clinic can pay for the journal.

If you really want to make it big in your Gerontological nursing practice then it is advisable that you subscribe for the Journal of Gerontological nursing as soon as possible. You will not only get theoretical knowledge about the field of Gerontological nursing but will also get some practical inputs that will help you to excel in your Gerontological nursing practice so that you will be able to serve your patients in a more sophisticated manner.

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