How to get nursing scholarships

Where To Look And How To Get Nursing Scholarships

There are a lot of places a nursing student can find and win a nursing scholarship. Federal grants are available for nursing students, there are also several nursing scholarships available through the United States Health Department. Many nursing scholarships are offered by hospitals and other medical facilities, in an effort to bring more qualified nurses into the field.

There are many charitable organizations such as the Daughters of The American Revolution, that offer partial and full nursing scholarships. To get one of these scholarships there are some basic things the student needs to do. The student must be a high school graduate, or hold a diploma certificate. Most scholarship application require the student to already be enrolled in an accredited nursing degree program. Some scholarships may require the student to have a certain grade point average.

There are scholarships that target specific groups, such as single mothers, and others that are only available in certain geographical areas. For example, many states offer full and partial nursing scholarships through vocational programs. There are a lot of scholarships out there just for nurses.

Most scholarships are awarded based on three determining factors. They are need, merit, and obligation. Need based scholarships are awarded based on the overall cost of the education, minus whatever the student can contribute. These scholarships are meant for students who might not have all the advantages others may have. Need based scholarships are good for single parents who are trying to better themselves through education.

Merit based scholarships are based on academic performance. A lot of scholarship applications require the student to have a certain grade point average, for most scholarships this tends to be between 2.5 and 3.0 respectively.

Obligation based scholarships are usually provided by hospitals and other medical facilities. These places will offer scholarships for nurses to complete their education, and in return the nursing student agrees to work at that facility or hospital.

To effectively win a nursing scholarship, a student needs to be dedicated to their education. Persistence and patience are important, there can be a lot of forms to fill out when applying for more than one scholarship. Another good thing to do is ask around.

There are many places online, that you can search for and try to win nursing scholarships. Some of these are offered by different nurses groups, others by private and charitable organizations.

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