Male nurses in London, UK

Male Nurse Statistics In London

Today a significant number of male nurses are working in various hospitals in London. According to latest research figures it is evaluated that more than one out of ten nurses are male nurses now, as compared to one in a hundred of the earliest days of NHS which was apparently more than 50 years ago.

However it is also expected that the male nurse statistics in London will improve over the next decade, as more number of men are choosing the male nursing profession which is generally or traditionally seen as a preserve right by women.

A proper research done by the Nursing and Midwifery Council has discovered an important fact where it shows among 65,755 registered nurses 10.21% is representing the male nurse out of the entire workforce. Even in among the student nurses, the male nurse student ratio is much greater then female nurse student as it already shows the record that fourteen per cent of students on training courses are men.

To get a better picture of male nurse statistics in London, one can refer to the general statistic shown by the NMC which says most of the male nurses are on their register work of either as general nurses or mental health nurses.

The latest figures show the fact that the average age of nurses is rising day by day. However despite of many supportive reasons, it is also very true that in London, the number of men entering into the nursing profession has hardly grown in recent years. There are only about 93 male nurses currently practicing and only 340 men are as health visiting officers and about 15% nurses are male, which might also rise in coming years.

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