Certified nurse midwife education requirements

Education guidelines for nurse midwife

A nurse midwife is an advanced practice registered nurse with specialized training in assisting pregnant women and their new born babies. They are employed in hospitals, health maintenance organizations. Some also do private practice. Certified nurse midwives have played a vital role in drastically reducing the maternal and infant death rate in this country. But to be a certified nurse midwife, one needs to gain that much of qualification and skills.

From the beginning, students should take challenging high school courses in science, math and English. They should be acquainted with psychology, sociology, computer skills, physical education and English. Individuals interested in becoming a certified nurse midwife must be a registered nurse before entering into the main program. They must then complete an accredited educational program to earn either a certificate or a master’s degree. Before beginning practice, they must also pass a written examination conducted by American college of nurse midwives.

Once a person passes this examination, they are able to practice anywhere in the United States. Those who successfully complete a nurse- midwifery program and successfully pass the national exam will be educated in both midwifery and nursing. Becoming a nurse-midwife comes with a desirable salary. The salary depends upon various factors. These factors include length and type of experience, geographical area, benefits and the institution in which they choose to practice. With time and dedication, the salary of a nurse midwife can become more satisfactory.

Anyone interested in this field of nursing should enjoy working with people and be able to develop strong interpersonal relationships.

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