How to become a psychiatric nurse

How to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner?

Psychiatry is a special branch of medicine which deals with the treatment and study of mental conditions of patients. Psychiatric nurses are registered nurses that specialize in treating a variety of patients with mental disorders. These nurses come from a variety of educational background but almost all of them are registered nurses in their state. There are also a few certification and requirements to become a psychiatric nurse.

Psychiatric nurses must become registered nurses by completing diploma, associate degree or a bachelor degree in nursing. They should also complete additional training in psychological therapies, dealing with challenging behavior. Here are some of the steps to become a psychiatric nurse.

  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing is an important and basic criterion in the field. A master’s in nursing will help you get a higher paying and more specialized position. So it’s to gear up your education in the track of nursing and do a bachelor’s degree first of all.
  • Take the NCLEX-RN TEST to become a registered nurse. You are eligible for giving the test if you have completed associate, bachelor or master’s degree in nursing with a good percentage of marks and a recognized university.
  • Look for a entry level psychiatric positions to get some relevant experience in the respective field. You will be requiring completing some time in training so that you will get a chance to put your learned skills and knowledge into action.

In addition to all the above things, you need to increase your organizational and communication skills.

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