How to get a loan without a job and bad credit for nursing students

Getting a Loan While Unemployed and With Bad Credit

Wondering how to get a loan? Are you unemployed? Do you have bad credit? The good news is you don’t have to have either of those in order to qualify for a loan. Most banks and third-party lenders unfortunately won’t take the chance on someone if there is no foreseeable income in your future but there are a few different routes one can take if you are in a bind and you need help. Here are a couple of options for you to consider:

You could look into getting help from charitable organizations in your area, for one. Using the internet or word of mouth, you can find out the different services these organizations offer. Most offer to help with specific reasons such as needing help paying for a utility bill or needing help filling a medical prescription.

Others offer help with building homes for you if you meet their qualifications and requirements.

The organizations vary from city and state so if you have the time, this is an option to consider. These are rarely loans and are more often than not are granted to needy individuals and families.

If you know someone with fairly decent credit, you could look into getting a secured loan with the other person as a cosigner. These are usually done within banks and you normally have to offer some sort of collateral that is worth the value of the loan that you are taking out. The person you want to cosign with you also has to be OK with the fact that they’re going to have to make the payments on your behalf until you can prove that you have a job. This can prove to be difficult because there are few people who are willing to put their name on something in which they will have to make the payments for.

You can search online or in person for companies that offer personal loans. With the economy how it is and the numbers of people who are in a financial bind, companies now are offering a wide variety of different types of loans for individuals. However, be wary of this route. There are very few who don’t run credit checks and/or job verification checks. There are also a lot of scams offering a quick cash loan without a credit check and job verification. Be careful if you choose to do this.

Another possible route to take is asking friends and family members for the help you need to get of your financial bind. You can keep a log book of how much money was loaned to you and make sure you discuss and agree on all of the details before this arrangement has been made. It is for both of your benefits that a detailed record be kept of all monies paid out and received back.

These are some of the options of how to get a loan while you’re unemployed and have bad credit. Whatever route you decide to take, make sure it is something that you have looked into and done some research on. The last thing you need is to be in more debt when it could have been easily avoided.

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