Nursing scholarships in India

The Top 5 Indian Nursing Scholarships For Men

It does seem difficult to hunt down nursing scholarships that are funded by medical institutions and trusts that are located in India. Though this might seem challenging for those of us in the States, there are several large educational institutions that are based in India, as their medical industry grows leaps and bounds every year. Where there is a blossoming healthcare industry, there will be a demand for nurses, which means that you are in luck with finding scholarships.

Where To Start

  • The Indian Military and Army will offer some of the best options for government assistance and scholarships. Especially since there is a massive shortage of nurses in both military and army in India, going through the right channels might land you with a full ride, based somewhere in New Delhi.
  • The India Nursing Council can offer a $1000 scholarship for nurses that either studied abroad in Indian school, or are a native Indian going to school locally. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage nurses to stay in India and not carry their expertise elsewhere.
  • The Bihar Mocrah Scholarship will offer the equivalent to $500 to nurses who received a 3.5 or higher GPA in a major medical college located in India.
  • The Health Professionals Education Foundation offers a $10,000 scholarship to nurses who wish to take their abilities abroad. India is one of those approved countries that qualify for the scholarship. The catch is that the applicant must serve in State side shortage areas in order to claim the scholarship.
  • The Pilot International Foundation Scholarship will offer various amounts from $1,000 to $10,000 to approved nurses who specialize in brain and nervous system related work.

There are many other scholarships available, but these are a few that might get you started on your hunt for a great education and a way to work in India.

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