September 11 tribute – God Bless America

9/11/2001 is the most unforgettable day in the history of United States. Many lives were lost due to terrorist attacks both on planes and on all those building where strike happened.  Today It has been 10 years since that horrified day.

We will never forget“. gives deeply condolences to the victim families.

On that day all the firefighters, emergency paramedics, Police and all medical staff showed their heroism by helping all those alive victims to safe places. “Our sincere tribute to all who lost their lives, who gave up their lives while saving, all those brave souls who responded to emergency including Firefighters, Emergency paramedics, Police department and Hospital staff including nurses, nursing aides, doctors who helped affected citizens for their treatments”

God Bless NYPD
God Bless NYFD
God Bless all medical staff.
God Bless America.


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