Nursing schools in New Jersey

The Top Ten Nursing Schools In New Jersey

If you’re looking to become a nurse and live in New Jersey, here’s the run down on the top ten Nursing Schools and Programs in the state. Nursing is a fast growing career, and it can expand into several specialty arenas. There’s always a shortage somewhere of nurses, and it’s not too difficult to get licensed in another state. But before you get to that point, you need the right education.

Currently the majority of nursing schools New Jersey has are technical colleges or online programs because of the shortage of nurses who can double as teaching staff. However, of the campus colleges available, many of them offer several degree options in nursing.

1.Rutgers College of Nursing focuses on Master’s programs in nursing but also offers BS degrees in Nursing as well. Because of the growing trend towards the DNP becoming the standard in 2012, Rutgers offers a dual decision track in either administration or clinical nursing, which makes them one of the top ten schools for nursing programs in NJ.

2.Seton Hall University-College of Nursing is another top-notch, excellent school. Seton Hall is one of the oldest campuses on the coast and has set the standard in education time and time again. From BSN to PhD in Nursing, there is nothing this school doesn’t offer.

3. Monmouth University ranks in the top ten because of the number of specializations its nursing programs split into. If you’re thinking more about a certificate or technical diploma or advanced degree for something like advanced family practice or Alzheimer’s patient care, Monmouth University is where you need to go.

4. More parochial-type, private colleges too, such as Felician College, offer nursing programs in NJ. The smaller campuses and limited size classes offer students a more personal approach to learning and extra help when students are having a tough time absorbing info. There are several other nursing schools New Jersey has in the private sector that are worth looking into.

5. The public business colleges, owned and operated like businesses, are fast becoming a popular solution for education when the state and private sectors can’t keep up with the demand for a particular profession. Such is the case with University of Phoenix College of Health and Human Services. Where many state and local colleges might have a waiting list for nursing, University of Phoenix typically does not or has a very short one. That makes them a very viable choice as a nursing school, as well as the multiple branches and blended education approach to your degree.

6. A little college called the Thomas Edison State College carries some modest nursing programs in NJ. However you can continue your education there into a Master’s with three choices. They also have a unique program that awards credit for knowledge and certificates and military experience, by evaluating what you have earned and learned through those routes.

7. Not to be seconded and undone is the Thomas Jefferson University School of Nursing. Not only does this school train some of the best nurses, it’s connected to the top hospitals in the nation and the east coast. Graduating from here could mean writing your own ticket to work anywhere in the nation.

8. A few online schools are decent enough to make this list. For nursing schools New Jersey has quite a few online ones but Walden University beats the rest hands down. It’s fully accredited by the CCNE(Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education), which requires a strict adhesion to standards in education to achieve. If you don’t have time to attend school during the day or on campus, this is a good alternative.

9. Again, the University of Phoenix can provide decent online nursing programs in NJ. You have to check for availability, but they make the list twice for offering more than most.

10. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey is your final best bet. They have so many specialty tracks just choosing one will be the adventure.

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