CNA certification renewal Delaware

Learn About The License Renewal Of Delaware

Before two to four months left of the expiry of the cna license; in your mail id you will get a renewal application mail. If a certified nursing assistant want to qualify for re-certification then it is compulsory for the can to perform minimum 64 hours of nursing related service in a health care setting throughout every 24 month certification period.

If a certified nursing assistant fail to perform minimum 64 hours of nursing related services in fixed time period then the cna must pass a new training course as well as competency test. If you have any queries regarding the validation of Delaware cna license then the article which is jotted down below will provide you an idea. Your license validity in the state of Delaware is for 2 years and the time is calculated from the time when the license was last renewed.

Want to know that how much you need to pay for the renewal of cna license in Delaware. May be you will be surprise to know that there is no fee or nor any sort of price charged in order to renew can license in Delaware state. There are certain terms and condition and if you fall under those condition then you need to pay a nominal fee. And the term is if you fall under the inactive list on the state cna registry.

For further queries you can call Delaware nurse aid registry at (302) 577-6666, and if you want to assemble information about license verification then you can call on the above phone number.

you can visit Delaware board of nursing website,

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