CNA license renewal in CT

Few steps are required In order to achieve cna license. After completing assignments of becoming a certified nursing assistant, it is mandatory for you to apply for a license exam and that exam is managed by each state. The license exam consists of two parts: one is practical exam and the other is theoretical exam. Within 15 days you will able to know the result of your examination via e-mail and a provisional registration chased by an enduring registration from the state licensing board. You can verify cna certification in CT by going to this link.

If you are a cna in Connecticut then your license is valid for two years and the time will be calculated from the date when the license was issued. , If you are eager to renew your license in Connecticut then a direct path to re-certification is offered by the state’s department of public health.

Make sure that you must meet the work necessities. If you want to re-certify without retaking the cna examination then there are few steps you need to follow: when your license is issued for the first time then it is essential for you to work minimum one eight hour shift in paid employment for repeated two years.

  • From the Connecticut department of public health website, you need to download the employment verification form. The Connecticut department offer three types of forms and among the three you need to choose one form, which is suitable according to your situation.
  • After completing the form fill up you need to sign up the form from your company. The requirements that you have meet up will be certified by your company.
  • You must return the application form to the nurse aide registry in Hartford. In the bottom of the form, you will find an email address and in that particular address you can mail the form or you can fax it to 860-509-8457. You can visit Connecticut’s board of nursing website Website:

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