CNA certification renewal in Minnesota

If any question twitters in your mind regarding the renewal of cna license, It is the best practice to contact your board of nursing by phone. Minnesota are one the few states that permit for the renewal of license online. In order to find out about the cna license renewal online, you need to check the renewal policies of your state and you need to check this by communicating the nurse aide registry of your state.
For further queries and in order to increase your knowledge regarding the can license renewal, you can contact with the following number and you can visit the following website: Phone: 612.617.2270
Fax: 612.617.2190

Like few other state Minnesota do not charge any fee for the license renewal of certified nursing assistant, if you fall under some criteria then only you will be allowed to pay nothing. If your name is shown inactive in the sate registry then you need to again apply for the entrance test.

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