CNA renewal Mississippi

Are you thinking how to renew cna license in Mississippi?
Each individual state consists of nurse aid registry. You need to contact your own sate nurse aid registry. As we are talking now about Mississippi so in this article I will provide you the contact information of Mississippi. Apart from contact address you will get website address of the Mississippi board of nursing.

Phone: 601.664.9303
Fax: 601.664.9304

When three months left in the expiry of your nursing license at that point of time you get the renewal. For instance if your certification has failed then there are few things you need to perform in order to get it renewed. You can renew the CNA license online but all state does not have same rules and regulations. In order to check the expire validity of the license it is compulsory for you to check the date of the license when it was issued. If you do not possess original certificate then it is better for you to contact with your company. If you have any doubt regarding your certificate then you must contact on the given number. If there is not a gap of 24 months in your service as a CNA then you need to fill up the license renewal form and besides this you have to pay re-certification fee. Since in the last two years if you haven’t done your employment as a CNA then it is mandatory for you to repeat the CNA program again.

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