CNA certification renewal Indiana

Learn about renewing CNA license in Indiana

If you are CNA whose name is mentioned on the Indiana registry, you  need to complete an Indiana certified nursing assistant program and then you have to pass a criminal background check. Apart from this you need to obtain passing score of the Indiana-administered competency exam. It is very much essential that the CNA should renew their license in every two years. You need to sustain a personal calendar with a reminder, but it is not necessary because the state offer a reminder via e mail to renew the license. The responsibility of renewal is taken by the license holder.

When the license remains active, you need to renew your cna license online. You can visit the website of Indiana to renew the license. In the last two years it is compulsory for you to work at least eight hours and this working period will help you to renew the license in the coming two years.

You need to offer the license number of certified nursing assistant to the Indiana state license portal. You must know the last four numbers of your social security number, if you are interested to login in the Indiana state license portal.

In order to renew an expired CNA license, you need to communicate with your state department of business and also you need to communicate with the professional regulation or state licensing board. Renewal also depend upon the duration date of the expiry of the license.

For Indiana state board of nursing you can contact on the given number:
Phone: 317.234.2043
Fax: 317.233.4236

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