CNA certification renewal Idaho

How long does CNA license in Idaho valid?

The validity of the license is for 24 months and the validation time is calculated from the date of the issue of the license.

Steps for CNA license renewal in Idaho

  • You need to submit all the personal information, which is required in the application form.
  • You need a healthcare manager for the second segment of the form and the form need to fill up by the manager. The manager can be either from you previous company or the manager could be from your present company, but you need to work at least for two years.
  • Sign the CNA license form after the manager has sign up the form. You need to mail the application form to the address, which is connected with your state. Send the payment of $40.00 for the renewal of CNA license in Idaho.

The most important thing you need to keep patience. As the processing time would be required few weeks and you can check the status of the application on online.If you will renew your license in time to time then you will be able to get a flat record with your employ.

To know more you can contact Idaho state board of nursing or you mail at Idaho state nursing association.
In the last two years if you have not worked anywhere as a CNA then you need to give the CNA certification exam again. Before appearing in the certification exam again there are few states, which demand to register with the nurse aid program.

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